the wedding lull

I'm seriously loving this dress from Holly Stadler. Lovely. It'd be a perfect beach or informal wedding dress. I contemplated buying it. However, my wedding dress budget already strapped, my mom suggested that we go to the lady who made my prom dress my junior year as a knock off of the red "jump dress" in Titanic. It was $100. She said perhaps she could make something similar in design to this since she makes wedding dresses. I am going to check when I go home. If it is about $100, Jonathon said to get it. I'll wear it to the after party and for pictures we will have made at TWC in our formal wear.

I believe it is a lovely knock off (though I'm sure not what Holly intended) of the Claire Pettibone dress that I adored, longed for, and loved.

Not a ton of stuff is going on. I mailed my bridesmaids their lookbooks. Jane, Kourt, Court have gotten them for sure. I haven't talked to my other girls yet. Court already has her dress! And this story made me happy. She had to buy a dress for another wedding that is one of the colors I said they could get. She said she didn't know where she was going to be able to wear it again. So she'd be out the money for the dress for one time use. She asked if it was okay if she wore it to my wedding. I happily agreed. That is what I wanted for my girls: to be able to wear them again. Jane is using the opportunity to get a new J.Crew dress. She said it's a great reason to splurge and a good excuse to buy the J.Crew dresses she loves. So, that is good.

I'm sending out my Save the Dates this week, I hope. I ordered cute stickers from our engagement session (the first one) for the back from Moo. I hope to get them this week. We've already stamped them. Now, all we have to do is get the stickers and we are set. As soon as they go out... pictures!!

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