Wedding style

I have been trying to refine, not just my personal wedding style, but the whole wedding's style lately. I have collected hundreds if not thousands of pictures from the months of planning. For a long time, I've felt like our wedding was an eclectic mix of styles. And it bothered me. However, I know right now, that our wedding is an eclectic mix of styles. And I am okay with that.

Our wedding has a high fashion, diy, book, India, orange, with some UT touches style. I'm okay with this because it is an accurate portrayal of Jonathon and I. I am obsessed with India and high fashion. Jonathon is obsessed with UT. We are both obsessed with orange and books and diy. I think it accurately expresses us. It may not look like it will all come together but I think it will.

I have been thinking a ton about dresses. I love this beautiful Claire Pettibone dress above. The cost? $2475. Sad face. I won't get it, but maybe a knock off? Hand made for me? Possible. Our next big wedding purchase is my dress.

I'm also working on music, decorations, stationary products, our guestbook, and others. But I just wrote our ceremony script. I am so terribly in love with it. It's sob worthy. I have included three readings, family and friends intentions, customized vows, traditional vows, and very special ceremony that is not a unity candle (gag)*. We are both now happy with the wedding ceremony.

*Unity candles are fine for some people, I have seen them at so many weddings with them, and if they have meaning to you that's awesome, but I grow tired of seeing unity candles with no meaning behind them.

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