you put my head in such a flurry

I had a job interview yesterday (even though I have a job this is a job that could be a career). It went very well. I won't know anything for another month or so. Keep your fingers crossed guys. Also, keep your fingers crossed that my head cold goes away soon.

My invitations are in the mail. In transit to me. They should be here next week! I am all squee.

I wanted to talk about organization today. Mostly because I took lovely pictures of my organization systems for you. I have 2, well technically 4, but that's besides the point.

System 1 - The inspiration, part 1.
The first is shown in the pictures below. This is where I organize magazine cut outs, articles, and pictures.

System 2 - the inspiration, part 2.
I keep a series of folders for pictures that inspire me via the web on my computer, I have a back up on my ipod and flashdrive.
System 3 - the work, part 1.
The next couple of images show my planning notebook. I didn't buy a fancy notebook for it. I went to Wal-Mart (yes I said Wal-Mart) and bought a 3 inch binder. I picked up some plastic dividers that were durable. I printed the labels. I also made a label for the spine with our wedding date with a digital label maker.
Then, I made some documents, a to-do list with things I needed to do for my personal wedding and several general lists. I printed out some resources from various places. I made up some other documents and lists and things. Then, I hole punched them and placed them in here. There are also every email from vendors, contacts, and copies of contracts. There are also the proof from my invitations, a copy of the order, and the faxes I sent.

There are the notes from our weekly planning sessions with ideas, hopes, dreams, squabbles, and plans.

There are vendor contact pages with all their info. Notes, and other things if necessary.

There are post it notes with ideas, prices, and things that I have gleaned or thought of on the go and I posted them on the inside of notebook for future reference.

This pocket keeps cards, jotted down ideas, things that need revision, and some address labels for on the go use. The cards are from possible vendors. I may never use some of them, but they are there if I need them.

System 4 - the work, part 2
This is a little pocket file that I got when we registered at Target. It holds all of my receipts. That way I can enter them into a spread sheet later.

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