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Well, Jonathon and I have taken a strange turn in the wedding planning road. We have this beautiful wedding planned for 50ish of our nearest and dearest. However, there are about 200+ being left out. After being with his family (extended) for a few days we realized we could not leave them out. So, we come up with a solution.

A vow renewal about a week after our wedding (our honeymoon to Amsterdam is for our anniversary the next year) and we both have off 2 weeks immediately following our wedding (no vacation needed.. it's the beauty of working at a college). So, we thought... well we are going to be home anyway might as well get everyone together and have another wedding.

BUT this one will be seriously informal. We will do it at his old church (for $50), have someone close to us read the vows (no ordaining necessary), have potluck reception with our families (so no catering costs and our families are all Southerners who love to cook for people whatever the occasion), no decorations, wear the same thing we did the day of the wedding (cool because I get to dress up again), have a friend of the family take pictures (because we have to capture this too), and basically just have a good time.

This way no one gets left out. Everyone gets to see us say the vows, gets to be apart of the celebration, and we get to have the fancy wedding and the informal indie wedding. Not too bad of a plan. I believe it will be amazing. Frustrating, but amazing. Jonathon's cousin is helping me on the Athens side of things (she's a member of that church and married there over the summer). More on this when I have more information. We just thought of this.

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  1. Amy and Jonathan:

    I am known as The Wedding Vow Coach and would like to give you a little insight into writing wedding vows.

    First of all my perspective is that a couple writes their wedding vows together in shared conversation articulating the dream you each have for your own life and the dream you have for the life of the marriage.

    Talk about money and sex, children, in-laws, values, careers, houses, cars and things, vacations, etc.

    Then write your vows as promises of what you will each do to keep 'living the dream.'

    Then, and this is so important, keep reading those vows every day. Sometimes read them alone and other times together. This opens doors for conversation and allows you to address any tension that comes up. This way you DO NOT HAVE TO WORK HARD AT YOUR MARRIAGE AND PARTNERSHIP!

    Even though I write about writing wedding vows there is lots of stuff on my site that is timely, and useful and will 'help keep the dream alive.'

    Have a great wedding and an even more fantastic life.

    Love, light and laughter,
    Rev. Linda
    Helping couples write down their dream and then keep it alive.


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