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I was remembering last night as I tried for 15 minutes to scrub off my eye makeup (seriously it took 15 minutes) a random beauty tip I wanted to share with you guys. (I also wanted to apologize for being a sporadic blogger lately. Jonathon and I are mired in all the house buying funness and at the moment I've been so busy with mortgage brokers, banks, lawyers, sellers, inspectors, and appraisers I've been too tired to think let alone blog, post work.) So, to make up for my lax ways I thought I would share my favorite stay put eye makeup tip. I know this is important for teary brides who want to look pretty all day. (Yes, I am including myself in this.)

As a freelance makeup artist I put on my eyeshadow elaborately (when I'm not at work). I want my shadow and my liner to last all day. So, this is how I go about that.

1. I put on primer (I use Laura Mercier) all over my face including my eyes. Follow that up with mineral foundation (eyes too!).
2. Then, I grab my trusty Urban Decay primer potion. I put it on my lids and under my eyes. I find it conceals my moderate circles and makes my face look fresher.
3. Then, work quickly here I apply whatever eye shadow I plan to wear for the day. It varies by brand so much I won't mention a specific one.
4. Create whatever look you want with the shadow.
5. For eyeliner I use Urban Decay 24/7 liner. It stays on... forever! You really have to scrub it off if you use it with the primer potion.
6. Apply some mascara.. lately I've been using Benefit BadGal Lash in plum (which imparts a subtleness that makes my green eyes brighter without looking purple on). However, it isn't water proof so you would want to use a waterproof mascara. And you are done.

I promise to tell you all about the house situation, wedding updates, Save the Dates and more soon. Bear with me during this time of craziness.

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