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If you have never bought a house you have no idea what goes into the process. Jonathon and I have been looking at one house in specific for a few weeks now. We really love it. We are getting close to reaching a deal with the owners. However much we don't want to get our hopes up, we are both decorating in our heads and out loud. I adore the color orange. I love it's vibrancy. Recently, I am loving orange and dark aqua together. In fact, it will probably be what we paint our kitchen in. Maybe one wall dark aqua and another in orange.

I'm going to be honest except for worrying about my stickers from Moo for our STDs (angry face) and brief conversations with random bridesmaids (mostly not about wedding stuff), I haven't thought about our wedding in 2 weeks. I haven't planned a thing. I've turned in boring posts to OWD. I have neglected this blog.

I have nothing wedding related to report. My invitations are here (and should we move the beautiful letterpress is... well misaddressed). My wedding dress is being made. I have booked and done almost everything big now. All that is left is DIY and other things. It's kind of a nice lull. Except I haven't plotted the HUGE vow renewal yet. When, we get closer to closing or give up on the house then I will focus my attention span there. I hope you won't mind random posts about house type things for awhile?

So, someone pull me back into the wedding scene. How is your wedding plans going?

*Not sure where I got this image... maybe Alkemie?

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