Look Books

Finally, here are the images from the look books I set my bridesmaids and flower girls. I also included another letter from me, some images from magazines, and my dress for them to compare. Each one is different. I have a massive amount of these pictures. So if you want to see more let me know. And I can show you more.

My overall look idea for each girl. It's basically just an idea for inspiration... a launching board so to speak for each girl.

This image is from my flower girl's look book. I included several dresses, shoes, and accessories for her as well.
A look at how I got them bound. I found this beautiful ribbon and thought, hey I should use that. So I left trailing ribbon at the top and bottom of each book. I mailed them out yesterday so I can't wait to hear from the girls about them!
Today will be a busy posting day. I have much to share. And I've been super busy all week. My latest blog post (ban.do or don't) is up at OWD blog. Check it out here.

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