Food for thought

Can I just say... I love my caterer. Yesterday, I got to sit down and talk to Jen one on one. We had a blast. She's a published caterer, works large crowds daily, and makes killer food. I really don't need a tasting. I eat her food everyday.

She gave me a book to look at linens I like. She handles the order. Awesome. She is going to rent the massive number of shot glasses needed to make something similar to this picture. She is going to handle my set up. She'd going to do my centerpiece design. She's going to play with some things and make the tablescape something I want, but I don't have to figure it out. She's going to handle... everything and would possibly involve food. The linen napkins, the tables, the centerpieces, the food itself, the alcohol (with no fees) and have a plated salad waiting for my guests. Um amazing.

I'm really excited about the catering. Now, I just have to pick which linens I want.

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