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Tomorrow, I meet with my caterer and reception site manager. This isn't the first time we've talked per say. She and I have conversed on many occasions and in email, but this is the first time we will really sit down and hash some things out. It's nice because she will handle all the linens, the china, the silver, the glassware, and all that stuff. Basically, it frees me from having to think about yet another item. It clears my to-do list like crazy.

We have already settled (mostly) on a meal we want. To honor my Italian heritage and our Southern roots we are going for a combination of things. The first is a traditional sit down Italian meal. This will include a salad, bread sticks, gourmet pizza, lasagna (maybe, but a pasta dish for sure), and coffee with desert. Desert will be a combination of things we love (did I mention I have a wicked sweet tooth?). We will have 2 cakes (our book cake wedding cake that my mom commissioned and a UT Neyland stadium cake for the groom's cake - both smaller cakes), a red velvet cake (hopefully made by my aunt who makes the best - this is Jonathon's moms favorite), banana pudding (hopefully made by my Gran since she makes the best), and some desert made by my Uncle Randy the chef if he gets to come, and Jonathon is making his homemade (completely from scratch crust and all) apple pie.

Yum! Okay, I just had lunch, but it is enough to make me hungry again. I'll let you know how the catering meeting goes.

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