My Top Tips for Planning a Wedding (So Far)

1. Always include your fiancé. It’s his day too. As a couple, it is your day. Think of his ideas, needs, wants, preferences. Sometimes, this is will not be helpful or you will hate it. But sometimes he will come up with great ideas. (Like say no to the groomsmen in chicken suits unless that’s your thing, but yes to a really cool alternative processional idea.) Men can think outside the box when it comes to weddings. They don’t know and don’t care to know the rules, so they have no qualms about breaking them.

2. Keep an open mind. Not about everything, but most things.

3. You don’t have to visit 15 florists. If someone you know and trust says that so and so is amazing, go see their work. If you like it, why bother going anywhere else? Do you really have that much time or need that much more stress? Seriously?

4. Make the focal point of your wedding the ceremony. I know planners say no focus your energy on the reception because that’s what counts. Seriously? No, what counts is expressing your love for each other. People are coming to see you GET MARRIED not eat, dance, or whatever other reception plans you have. Yes, the party is important, but NOTHING… NOTHING… NOTHING is as important as your vows. Remembering this takes you back you what this day is really all about.

5. Good photography will last you forever.

6. Keep it simple. Do you need to try 45 different cake combos? No. Do you need to see every linen in the building? No. Do you need to see 5 people about a tiara? Do you even need a tiara?

7. Think about your choices. Ask yourself if they reflect you and your man. If not, why the hell is it in your wedding? Because someone somewhere once said you had to do it?

8. The world won’t end if you buck some traditions, but pay close attention to your manners. It’s important to do things correctly. For example, you can address your outer envelopes to Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith or Mr. and Mrs. Smith or The Smiths or Jane and Jon. It doesn’t matter. However, please for the love of god consider people’s feelings. Yes, it is your day, but other people count. Just do what you would normally do in a situation where you need good manners. Heck I get mail now address to Mr. and Mrs. B. And we aren’t married yet.

9. If something small doesn’t go your way, like your bridesmaids are clueless and unhelpful. Shrug it off if it’s not major (major is not showing up to your wedding or other important event without letting you know… minor is not calling you back about ribbon colors) because believe it or not they have lives to and I bet they don’t revolve around you. Does your life revolve around them? Shrug off the small things. You will love your life so much more.

10. Music is sentimental and important. Pick music that feels right to you. Even if it is the Ramones. But for the love of god.. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SONG! If it’s clearly got a breakup or inappropriate theme (like you are in a church I’m not sure if the Apple Bottom Jeans song is quite the pick for you). Also, unless it was your song and you are dead set on it… please don’t play the same song you’ve heard at every wedding you have been to this year. Example: Bless the Broken Road has been played at EVERY wedding I have been to the last 2 years. We refuse to play it.

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  1. came across your blog on OBB. i just wanted to say that if i hear god bless the broken road at one more wedding, i may just shoot myself in the face. i went to yet another wedding where this was played awhile back and the couple even put together one of those mix cd's with this song on it. let's just say the rest of the music was just as bad. it went promptly into my trash can when i got home...


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