Logic Games


Logic games for the LSAT usually don’t have many complicated rules. Planning your reception seating chart usually sounds like a LSAT logic game.

Aunt Ida won’t sit next to Aunt Paula.

Jessie and Jeremy don’t like Nathan.

Brad and Maggie will only sit next to Becky.

Becky refuses to sit near Bob.

So on and so forth. Or if you are like Jonathon and I, our mothers and fathers hate each other. Nasty divorces and years of resentment have left both parties hating each other. So my mom won’t sit near my dad and Missy and Mike feel the same way. Let’s just say planning a seating arrangement was something I wanted to start early and work on to get just right. Mostly to save the peace. However, I did make some interesting pairings that Jonathon thought were great ideas. I have several “problem” guests who are invited and either is negative about Jonathon or myself but are either friends or family… or mainly one of Jonathon’s groomsmen’s wife hates me. Why? I have no clue. Not a one. So… yeah.

After probably 3 months of finagling¸ I have finally managed to work out my seating chart based on the projected invitees should we have 100% positive RSVPs. That’s a little screen shot of it up there. (Have I mentioned I love using Excel…. for everything? I use it for all my wedding plans. It’s a great tool.) You will also notice I marked out the table names. That's because those are a surprise.

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