Bow to the Orange


Let me preface this by saying that is so not me and Jonathon. I’m not that tiny and Jonathon isn’t that bold. LOL.

But every time I tell someone our color scheme (I shy away from “wedding colors” like I do “themes”. I’ll explain more in a bit.) is orange, ivory, and gold I tend to get one of two comments.

1. Oh you must be Vols fans!! (Jonathon is yes, but I picked the color scheme because orange is my favorite color.)

2. A weird fixed (read: dismay, shock, and disapproval) face and nod.

I will say, it’s kind of amusing. Mostly, because sure it is a December wedding and most people would assume I’d say “Oh, red and white, of course!” or “navy and silver” or “ruby and emerald” or some other holiday color scheme. But I love the color orange! And gold and cream with hints of orange is so stunning to me.

I mention this because I notice a ton of people talking about themes or “our colors". And there is nothing wrong with themes or colors. But I think it limits creativity or options. I hesitate when talking about themes because a theme could unify a whole thing… like no color but a carnival theme. I guess, what I am trying to impress upon you is that if you do have a theme make it one that describes BOTH of you as a couple. (Like if Jonathon and I had a theme it would be something like “an orange Indian fairytale book nerd winter ray of sunshine” or some other impossibility. ) Or if you have colors both parties should agree… like if your man hates pink… stay away from pink and pick colors you can agree upon.orange

*first image from here. second image from …. please let me know. I googled this ages ago and well I didn’t save where it was from.

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