Ahhh... a Saturday

Thank goodness for the weekend!!! This week has been long and emotional and stressful. On one hand, it's a busy time for J Rock. He's knee deep in buying books back from greedy kids who want more money than they deserve for their crummy, coke stained, water damaged, spine broken books. For me, it's time to see if the first 6 months of my new job was a success. In that, if the SACS document we worked so hard on to make this college a 4 year institution will be approved. Then, there's Christmas things, wedding things, student loan things (our mommys and daddys didn't pay our way through life - thank god - because we are stronger, more financially intelligent, smarter, less snotty people for it), rent things, and life things, and living together things. It gets to be too much from time to time.

So, faced with a fresh wave of financial panic (remember the student loan things) I broke down earlier in the week. So, when J Rock got home, we sat down and talked wedding. Well, actually we went in the bedroom and I curled my head on his chest and we laid there in the dark (where it's easier to talk about emotional things because you aren't face to face in the glaring light) and talked. I confessed that our 200 person guest list, 3 venues, food and drinks for them, the decorations, the flowers, the dress, the dj, and the videographer were depressing me and making me question whether it was worth it.

Then, amazing man that he is, Jonathon decided that enough was enough. He proposed we only invite 50 of our nearest and dearest. We move the reception to the RDR (I'll upload pictures later, and it can only hold 55), we skip the DJ, we skip the videographer, and we have a kick ass intimate wedding for family and friends that really love and care for us.

And that is what we are doing. We are still getting married in the chapel. We are still using our super awesome photographer, and we will have great food, and it will be bliss. I agreed. I got up, I went to my printed out spreadsheet and started marking out people with a vengeance. As I did my heart broke a little, but I also felt free! I felt free from the constraints of a wedding that was outdated, a little pretentious, a lot expensive, and very traditional (in a bad way). I was holding onto all those wedding rules that no one follows anymore. Now, we are free to have an elegant, classy wedding without skimping on anything important.

And the best part? Our wedding doesn't have one reception. Nope, it has the one right after the wedding and TWO (!!!) more. Yes, two! We are going to have a low key family barbecue with both of our families (one for each family since they are so large) sometime the summer after our wedding. And we won't plan too much for those, and our families will help and we can all be together.

I'm a tad excited and a lot less stressed.

Rocking: the early morning silence
Feeling: happier

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