Introducing Our Photographer

Many of you have been wondering about the photographer I am so excited about (and laid down... how much?!?!). But you shall understand. So without further ado. Our smashtacular photographer is none other than the high fashion wedding photgrapher, Nikki Sanders.

Most of you know my fascination with playing dressup, photography, and fashion. You know my America's Next Top Model love. Well, when I went searching for a photographer. I wanted someone who could do high fashion, wedding, and photojournalism all at the same time. I wanted someone to capture the moment, then make a stunning posed shot that wasn't boring, and take things to another level. Enter Nikki and my search.
While I loved her work and we got along great I wasn't sure about the price. However, we talked and worked it out and I got over the price. Jonathon is still trying to get past the price, but he paid it. (I love him.)

The other reason I had to have Nikki is simple. She simply cares so much about us. She has always emailed me back right away. She is interested in all the details of the wedding. She cares about our life and our story.

She reminds me more of my friends. She can probably hang out and party with all of us. Plus, she's young talented, and amazing. I'm excited to have her. I believe she will take good care of us on our big day and make sure we all get the kind of photos people will be talking about for ages.

I love her work that I'm displaying here with her permission, but you have to check out her website. I love the photos she took of one groom. It reminds me of a fairy tale prince... not like Disney, but like that ad for JC Penney where the bride and groom are in the forest. Yeah.

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