Role Reversal or My Groomzilla

Everyone always thought I'd be a bridezilla, but I am amzingly laidback. I have a few twitches mostly brought on by sweet groom causing drama with my plans. He is crazy. It's a complete role reversal. He has more opinions on things. He doesn't like this, he hates that, he wants this and he doesn't want that. He wants a Neyland Stadium groom's cake (which he's getting), he wants cheap(er) invitations since it's just a piece of paper (which he isn't getting), he doesn't like the brown tux (and he refuses to wear it), he hates certain ideas and has to "think about others." He drives me crazy.

In a way it's cute and in another way it's annoying. He has made me rethink things. But then again... I wanted a wedding weekend at first and he said no. Last week we talked about it again and he said yes. So, if I wait awhile I usually get what I want. Plus, I have great ideas. He says he just does it because I'm cute when I'm frustrated. Maybe I should evoke extreme calm and suggest mullets?

Does anyone else have a groomzilla?

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