What to do..

I've been to way too many weddings where the bride/groom/planner did not even take into account what the guests will be doing while pictures are taken. Cocktail hour is omitted and people end up sitting there bored, waiting for the couple to come in so that they can eat, barely mingling. I don't want this to happen to our guests. This is why I am carefully contemplating this issue carefully. We don't want to serve alcohol at the reception and are ommitting cocktail hour so to speak. So, I'm not sure.

However, I also want to carefully plan how people get to the food. I'm pretty much against a buffet, but we have decided against a sit down dinner. So, I'm not sure if I want it passed around, or if I want a selection of food brought out on a tray and sat at each table. Or... I have no clue. So, my 2 big thoughts right now... 1. How to make the food getting process easier and less messy? 2. What activites to assign so that picture time isn't nap time.

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