My Ring

I know I haven't talked much about my ring. So let me do so for a brief moment, because Meg at A Practical Wedding had brought this up a while back. Let me say that I love my ring no matter how "untraditional" it is.

My ring is a white gold, pink sapphire, and diamond accent stone stunning creation. I did not what a huge diamond. I didn't want to know if my diamond was going to be the source of bloodshed. I didn't want to think of the political rammifications. More than that though.. I am not the diamond kind of gal. I love the color pink to wear. It's my favorite color to wear. I look amazing in it. It suits my skintone. (Orange is my favorite color though.) Anyway, Jonathon had gotten me some beautiful pink heart sapphire earrings for our 1 year dating anniversary. So when we picked out my ring, I looked for something that expressed me. Lo and behold! I found this stunning ring. I didn't ask how many carats (but it is large on my finger and fits it well), I didn't ask the price, I didn't even blink. I said this one.

It's so me. I really still have no idea how many carats it is (1.5 maybe.. maybe just 1), nor do I care how much it cost (which was less than a 1 carat diamond), I just know I love it. Jonathon couldn't not buy a diamond (he's my uber traditional boy), so he compromised with the accent stones.

My ring does not fit flush with my band. That bothered me for awhile. But I got the ring resized so that the heart's bottom would lay over the very thin band I picked out. And I liked the way that looked. All in all I am happy with my ring. If you aren't.. I really don't care.

I posted an image of my ring earlier. I need to take more pictures of it. Anyway.

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