I haven't updated in a few days because I have been so hectically busy. However, mother nature has decided I need a break. She decided this by making me be sick. B*tch! Anyway. So, since I'm laying here in bed completely tired of reading The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, Harry Potter POA (for the like 700th time), and The First Year of Marriage (which I definitely recommend newly and nearly weds to read!)... I though Hey! why not blog on some of the incredibly inspiring stuff you have seen and read over the past few days. I'll probably spread this out over many blogs today. So, please be patient with them all.

1. New Issue of Modern Bride Magazine.
I got this new issue on Monday (I believe) and proceeded to read it yesterday while I wasted time until my doctor appointment. While the cover promised ways to save money and "Dresses under $900" I wasn't impressed. The magazine had "Get the Ring You Want" articles. And the dresses were uninspiring to say the least. However, it did have a section on money management which was nice. My favorite part of the magazine is the real weddings. But I do like pictures and wedding porn and the magazine does offer that. However, after reading all the back entries of A Practical Wedding, I was a bit jaded.

2. Speaking of a Practical Wedding.
For a week, after work I would browse the website, found myself reading it more than just looking at pictures and loving her sense of writing and style. I also felt proud of doing my wedding the way I am. Which if you missed it.. is DIY. (With the exception of my bouquet now, I am getting it made.) I also loved something she said about how you should work with vendors who are so talented and underpaid that you think if I had the money I'd shove another $1000 at them. This is how I feel about my photographer.

3. Betsy Johnson
I have always loved her designs. Loved them since I was 14 and saw her in an issue of Vogue. So, when I was trolling Style and found a collection from her new line of wedding inspired funness, I flipped. Let me show you some Betsy!

Knee socks are back! YAY!

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