Grace Comes in Pieces

Today, I am having one of those days. (As you might have noticed from my last post.) So, I was reading some back entries of new blogs I have discovered. It has given me some perspective. Plus, Jonathon and I need to sit down and talk and work this out. But until we get a chance to do that (it's buyback time in the college world and him running a college bookstore, means long hours at the first and last of every semester).

But I came across this entry over at My Messy, Thrilling Life that made me stop and go ...oh yeah! We are human.

So I am making a bad day list. (Those things I love to do that makes me happy, no fail.)

1. read a good book with a cup of Earl Grey Tea.
2. play a video game
3. listen to some of my favorite calming music
4. take a bubble bath
5. write!

The best thing ever is a raining morning with an open blind, a good cup of tea or coffee, and nothing to do. That's heaven.

Sometimes you have to remember to stop and see the world.

Rocking: Whose Wedding is it Anyway?
Feeling: better

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