The girl can't help it

I really like this image from Rock and Roll Bride. Even though I really try not to copy the same images over and over from every blog I see I really liked this one.

Anyway, it isn't really indicative of our wedding so much. I am slowing down signifacntly on the ideas side of planning. The things I am doing right now are pretty simple. Simple, but time consuming and stressful.

For example, I am trying to book some wedding vendors. Right now, my top concerns are DJ, videography (which I am about to give up on), and that's it.

(P.S. aren't these photo stickers the cutest? The are from moo via Martha.)

I have already booked my photographer, my officiant (I should blog about this man!), my venues, my caterer, my engagement photographer, and I think that's it.

We already have our rings. We got those when Friedman's went out of business and got both mine and his band for $60! Score. We have an idea of who we will use for our stationer. We are making the cakes (or if we get too busy we will head to the best bakery in the area the day before and pick up a variety from whatever they have on hand.. this is if my mom doesn't buy the cake for us since she is so set on us having a book cake.). I am making the programs, STDS, and other DIY crafts (signs to direct people, candle holders, centerpieces, etc.). I already know who will do my hair and I will do my own makeup (I am a makeup artist.). WE haven't picked any of the attire yet! We have selected menu but haven't ran it by our caterer and we are working on music. I am not doing my bouquet now. So, I guess I need a florist for that.

I guess we have done rather alot for it to be 14 months away. I just keep thinking there is so much to do and so little time. I am trying pretty hard to put all of this together. This weekend I need to regroup and see where I am and what all I have left to accomplish. Which even though it doesn't sound like it.. is alot.

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