Saturday Revelations

My boy thinks I'm feverish. After about 4 months of wedding planning.. I have changed. Today, is officially 14 months away from our date. I find today that chair covers don't matter as much. They'd be nice, but I'm not going to go into debt for them. Elaborate 6 feet cakes don't matter. Do you really want your guests to remember your wedding just for the cake?!?! What does matter is that our ceremony reflects our true personality, our love for each other. I want people to leave our wedding saying "Wow, those two are really in love!" I want them to know how we feel about each other and them. We want our families to feel as wrapped up in our love as we are wrapped up in our own. Yes, we want a huge party reception. But our ceremony will not leave a dry eye in the house. Yes, we will have some of the trappings of a typical wedding. You can't avoid all of that. But there won't be a elaborate cake. (Unless my mom ends up buying one that she has specialty made, we won't be spending that money.) Our plan is to go to the best bakery in town the day before the wedding and buy 5 or 10 great cakes that they already have on hand that look scrumptous. What is important is that the cake tastes good, the food is delicious, the reception is mad fun, the ceremony is emotional, and the people enjoy themselves, not be overawed by flower arrangements (however, we will have fresh flowers.).

Fall brings out the best me. I love cooking in the fall. (Right now I am roasting yams and potatoes.) I love baking in the fall. But I have found since we moved in together I enjoy house type things more intensely. Before I was a feminist, hard core. Lately, I love cleaning house, trying new recipes, cooking, decorating, and basically being Martha Stewart. I'm not sure why, but I love it. JB and I have always been very liberal about certain things and conservative about others. For instance he takes out the trash (male stereotype) and I wash the dishes (female stereotype). However, he does the laundry (female stereotype) and I fix the electronics (male stereotype).

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