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If you've been reading this you probably realize I was planning to start Wedding Wishes Wednesday. However, I got so busy yesterday I just didn't even think about it until now. So, while I sit here on my lunch hour.. let me make a promise. I will never make a promise I can't keep again. I know I am super busy and normally I am off on Wednesdays. Originally, I thought I could keep up with it. However, let's not call it a weekly thing. Let's call it a "when I remember" thing. So, on Wednesdays that I can remember and have time I will put up WWW.

So, my wish for this blog is simply this.

I hope that my wedding reflects my marriage more than anything else. I hope my guests have a great time and remember more about my wedding than the food or cake. I hope they have a blast. I also hope that when they leave our wedding they can feel assured, loved, warm, and content, maybe even supremely happy.

I do not wish for $5,000 cakes. I do not wish for $30,000 dresses. I do not wish for matching unhappy bridesmaids. I do not wish for a fake ceremony, for sadness only happy tears. I do not wish for $150 a person meals, $600 for a single centerpiece, a $2000 bouquet, or even a helicopter escape route.

I wish for a simple, elegant, stunning ceremony with emotion. I wish for a party to end all parties reception. (That doesn't include naked painted people, an expensive pop band, fireworks, or even a keg. Although we may need one at the end of the night.)
Will I spend money on the things important to us? Yes. But will this be an affair to be featured on Platinum Weddings? No. My budget for this wedding is $8500. Just because we want to see if we can do it? Perhaps we can, maybe not. But I will try without sacrificing taste, class, or style. That is my promise.

Since I gave you my wish. Let me tell you what I am working with right now. I work for the Academic Dean, Vice President and his assistant at a bustling college. This job keeps me very busy. On my off days I volunteer to help advise students. I also work with the Registar, SACS, Research, and Student Development from time to time as well. On top of taking care of my home, my boy, cleaning, cooking, planning a wedding, writing, reading, political activism, and many other pursuits. I am also working on graduate school preparations. I have a busy life. So please do not hate me. Or think I am neglecting my blog or you guys. I just have many irons in my fire. Most of the time I am exhausted.
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