Evolution (or this shingding has a life of it's own!)

While I'm sipping my fall morning pumpkin coffee, windows open to let in the chilly fresh fall air I was thinking about our wedding. I looked at my first inspiration sheet. It's not pictures, just a list I made in class one day. Let me share a few things on it. Marie Antoinette, snow, 18th century, Paris, powder blue/shocking white/navy/silver, India, crystals, Henry 8th, and at the very bottom is books as an afterthought.

Clearly, our wedding inspirations have changed. The colors went from those above to no powder blue but the same colors to shocking white, ivory and silver to ivory, gold, and baby blue, to ivory gold and orange, rust, and red to the final color scheme which is ivory, gold, and orange since it makes us both very happy. Marie Antoinette has taken a lesser role while books are making a starring role. India is still present as much as before, but snow and Paris are only faded memories. Snow may happen in the mountains that day though!

Now, my inspirations are books (my mom has officially ordered a book cake, though we will still have the cake buffet and maybe some cupcakes), India, classic elegance with less sparkle and more oh wow that's elegant.

I was talking to Jonathon yesterday about how our wedding has taken on a life of it's own! It's like a baby growing up, changing it's personality, it's feel. The whole wedding has evolved and re-evolved. It will be interesting to see where we end up in the coming months.

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