Recaps: Reception

I’m moving on to the reception today. I know the pictures are still completely on hold, but I have seen a slideshow preview of our photos and I am BLOWN AWAY. I can’t wait to show them to you.  It’ll be a few weeks before I get my photos (on disc) back from my photographer. But, I wanted to recap with words so that I could move on to finish tutorials and then just focus on pictures.


Our reception was really wonderful. We had Christmas music in the background. We had all our friends at one table and our family in front and behind us. We got to sit down and talk and eat our wonderful pizza (seriously, if you are ever in the area hit me up… sailor pizza is where it’s at). We got to talk to every single guest at least once. We mingled, we smashed cake in our faces.

Even though, to be honest… there was a ton of things we didn’t do. We staged garter and bouquet tosses. There was no first dance. None of that. We cut the groom’s cake instead.


The grooms cake… Neyland stadium of course. Jonathon, had really wanted a Neyland stadium cake. So, Marsheena and I conspired to get one secretly. 


Our “real” cake?  White chocolate and peppermint fudge in orange and white! It was delicious and unique.  Although, it was really beautiful I didn’t even get to try it until 2 days later at a family gathering. But it was wonderful and perfect.


Then, Jonathon disappeared for awhile and took his dad to see his bookstore (Jonathon runs the one on campus) and Nikki and I took some fashion shots.


We did do something fun. Our (I can say that now) Nanny Gail decided we needed to kiss whenever someone tinged the glass and we kissed… a lot. And laughed. And the apple pie we cooked ourselves… yeah, we put WAY to much apple jack in it. It was strong… and so punk rock.

And just like that it was over. We were loading up the car and heading home to the after party. Which turned into taking pictures with the photographer and then Amy falling asleep in the recliner, but it was still a blast.


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