This is one of my favorite non-professional photos that was taken at our reception. We set up a little fake photo booth in an alcove beside the dining room. I love this photo because Jonathon looks like “ yeah I’m the man.”

The orange back drop is a sari that I got in India my senior year of college. It’s a beautiful sari. I never get to wear it, but it’s so wonderful.

I took a few photos in the photo booth, but they are on the disposable cameras. So, I haven’t seen half of them yet, but I can’t wait. I just need to get by a photo developing unit.

But here are a few of the best photos from the photo booth so far.

4227031764_0917cdb3f8_b 4269958141_d88c46f349_b photobooth3 photobooth5

** All photos taken by guests.

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  1. What a fun idea and beautiful wedding
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Amy.


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