Rehearsal and Dinner

The day of the rehearsal was beautiful. It was a little cold, but the weather was nice. It was sunny and there was excitement in the air. I went with my mom to the space early to start setting up for tomorrow, but I didn’t get the candles for the candlelight ceremony set up. In truth, they never got set up but no one noticed. We had two larger candles that we lit instead (I’m getting ahead of myself!) I changed into my dress in the chapel.

As I was changing everyone started arriving. When they all got there we got started. We ran through the ceremony twice (without all the vows) and tried to get the tech stuff down. Our pastor was taking care of his sick mother and wasn’t there, but that was okay. We laughed and had fun.

Then, we headed to the reception space and had BBQ. It was delicious, but I was too nervous to eat. To be honest, I didn’t really eat for 3 days. Then, Jane and Marsheena starting setting everything up. They set up all the tables and all of the centerpieces. They wouldn’t let me help with anything. Which was very sweet of them. So, I hung out and we set up as much as we could. Then, we packed up and left.

Jonathon and I ended up having BBQ for breakfast the morning of the wedding. To be honest, I was a complete wreck leading up to the wedding morning. I had expected it to be calm, but it wasn’t. Mom wanted to change the ceremony  (I put my foot down.) It is was mass chaos and I wasn’t prepared for that, but it was still nice.

I did end up breaking two nails at the rehearsal though falling out of the car. It was kind of humorous and hurt like hell. But I ended up peeling those nails off the day after the wedding. LOL.

After the rehearsal everyone came over and hung our until about midnight playing xbox games and talking and just hanging out. It was nice to spend some time with my friends. I started to calm down then.

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