Recaps: Vendor Reviews

I wanted to take a moment to mention my vendors. I loved working with almost all of them. So, I wanted to say some kind things about them so that if anyone out there reading this is planning their own wedding they can consider using these guys.

1. Venues and Catering – Since we used to campus we both work on as our venue locations (and you probably won’t) I won’t say much about our venues other than this: They are beautiful and wonderful. I loved the historic old chapel and the dining room. We had several people catering the events.

The rehearsal dinner was catered by Smoke Rings (hosted on the campus) in Hiawassee, GA. Smoke Rings is an incredible BBQ spot that makes their own sauce (delicious) and smokes the meat in a special way to create what they call “smoke rings”.  Anyway, if you are ever in the area stop by and get a chopped pork sandwich. You won’t regret it.

The actual reception was catered by 2 places. The first was by Jennifer Lunde. Who is an incredibly wonderful gal. She really cared so much about us and our wedding and worked super hard to make it perfect. She listened to my endless rambles, set up a beautiful room, and made us feel completely special. She dealt with all our emergencies, problems, and issues so efficiently. I would recommend her to anyone! Plus, the food was spectacular.

The second caterer was Big Al’s Pizza. (Yes, we served pizza and I got some great compliments on it.) The pizza was incredible. First off if you are in Hiawassee stop by and try the “sailor” pizza. There was none of this left. Not a slice to be had. It’s that good. All the pizza was incredible. They gave me a great deal, worked with my main caterer and took care of us right.

2. Our florist (I won’t mention the name, but if you want to know you can message me.) was awful. She got the flowers wrong, lied to me, messed up my bouquet, refused to fix the problem or refund our money, was rude to my husband and maid of honor (actually she made my maid of honor so mad that her blood pressure spiked and she got really sick and had to leave the reception) and the was snotty to me. It was a bad experience that day. They also never answer emails, are rude when you call, and completely the worst florist EVER hands down. So, if you do live in the area ask me for their name and save yourself the heartache.

3. Our stationer was Peculiar Pair Press and we loved them. I have mentioned them several times, but I just wanted to say it once more. They are worth every dime.

4. We used Love at First Invite for the design of our “guestbook” marriage certificate and it was absolutely beautiful. You should call Cathy if you want a gorgeous, but cost effective design.

5. My dresses were made my different people and I want to show those to you when I get some pictures back of them so. I will tell you about the dresses later.

6. Our photographer was Nikki Sanders and I want to wait on her as well until I can show you pictures. However, let me say to you right now… call her. She isn’t booking the rest of the year until Spring I think, but she is AMAZING. Call her. I swear she is worth it.

That’s it. Minus the cake which I am not even going to mention the vendor until I upload the pictures for you!

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