The less than perfect

I want to get this out of the way so I don’t have to dwell on it.

1. The weather! – It was our luck that a massive rain/snow storm blew through NC on the day of our wedding. It poured! I mean POURED. So, I ditched my wonderful sexy heels (so not to die) and made us rethink some things. (Like we got dressed in the library for the first look shoot. Which in a way was funny because the ITECH guys walked in on us changing.) But the snow almost prevented my photographer from being there. BUT it didn’t!! She had to follow a snow plow to get to us!! That is dedication. I loved Nikki. (More on Nikki later.)

2. The weather causing other problems. Like we had to hurry to get to the venues and change there, but we ended up leaving things and having to scramble around. Very few people could actually make it with the weather and the rock slide on 64.

3. The flowers! – They were completely wrong, but still beautiful. So, we went with it. Although, NEVER use this florist. She was completely rude and refused to fix the problem. She also was unresponsive and never replied to emails. So, if you want a name of a florist to NOT use in North GA … send me a message.

4. My reaction to stress – I wasn’t allowed to do anything (help with the decoration or anything) so I couldn’t get my mind off things or feel useful. (Which in the best woman and my maid of honor’s defense they were trying to help me and were doing a wonderful job!!! I couldn’t have made it through the wedding without them.) So, I basically just freaked out and stressed out and couldn’t focus (until the ceremony!!!).

But really all things considered it was minor and I really did enjoy the wedding.

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