Morning of…

DSCN0638I woke up the morning of the wedding to the sound of rain. I was okay with that. It would pass or it would stay. Jonathon and I laid in bed and talked awhile. Then, we got up, had left over BBQ (I tried to anyway) and he showered. Then, while my mom and I showered… he played Call of Duty.

I hoped the shower would call me down, but it didn’t. So, after the shower I started doing my mom’s makeup and that did calm me down some. I really stopped stressing out when Kristen came over to do our hair.

HPIM0012By the time my hair was done, all the girls had gotten there and we started putting on makeup and things. Marsheena ended up doing most people’s makeup.  And we talked and laughed. I started to slowly calm down and it was nice. But the rain, steadily got harder and harder as we approached 1 pm. So, I called my photographer and told her to skip the meeting at the house we would meet her at the library.


So, I finished up my makeup and headed out of the house, dress in tow with everyone following to the reception space where the flowers were waiting to be put in vases.  The flowers were so wrong and I don’t think it would have mattered so much if I wasn’t freaked out by a phone call I got right before I noticed the yellow and peach flowers. My photographer had called and they were being hindered by a snowstorm. So, I had no way of knowing if they would get there on time. I felt completely helpless and I had no idea where Jonathon was. I’m pretty sure his presence could have calmed me down. As it was he and the maid of honor went to chew out the florist.

So, I took a deep breath. We moved to the library to start getting ready in the 24 hour study room. I’ll tell you more about that and my first look later.

I may be a few days behind coming up. Mostly because I am waiting on our professional and semi-professional shots. So, I may skip some stories (like the first look) until I get those pictures and filter in other stories. (The pictures so far have been taken by friends on my camera or theirs.)

Also, after the wedding recaps (and starting tomorrow) I will be blogging at xoxoamyb.blogspot.com. So, if you would like to keep up with me, you may do so there. But I will post all the recaps right here! 

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