Rainy Day

It's raining today and my feet are soaked all the way through the socks and it's cold and dreary. It's winter.

I feel like.. whether I like it or not.. our wedding is coming together. The ball is rolling out of control downhill. I am content to watch it roll, to do what I can to help it roll correctly down the path, but if it goes slightly off course... well then it does.

The other day while stressing out, Jonathon looks at me says:

Amy, will I be there?
Will you be there?
Will Dr. Roberts (our officiant) be there?
Then nothing else matters.
Ummm true but I might have to go naked.
Well, that's okay, we can start the honeymoon early.

I love him because he does calm me. Because his arms are my home and haven. Because even when I am throwing a small tantrum he laughs at me and tells me I'm cute and because when I cry he pulls me in my arms and helps me cope.

The other morning I told him I felt like a tug boat lost in the Pacific Ocean. He said it was okay, he found me and pulled me in his arm.

And he is the reason why I am doing this. He is the reason I get up every morning, put on clothes and become Superwoman.

He's the best. Really. If this isn't why you marry someone... I am lost.

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