Today is Dec 1.. 17 days

Today, I am exhausted. I have spent the last 4 hours in a car. We took my dress (yes, early this morning and I know I am pushing it close) to the saemstress to be altered slightly. The bust is slightly too large and needs to be taken in a bit. I also got to try on my rehearsal dress since it has been taken in. It looks stunning.

I have a ton of things I am working on right now. I printed out the "guts" of my programs. I have cut them and cut the program cover. I have designed the cover design. I haven't printed or cut those yet, but I have to had punch out and tie the programs and that is taking awhile. I also have to hand glue in the envelopes and put in the tissues. It's really labor intensive, but I hope to finish them this weekend.

I wasn't going to do favors, but the thick paper that we cut for the program cover were the perfect size for... bookmarks! So I have designed them and I am looking forward to printing those out as well to work on this weekend.

I did wrap the attendants gifts and I almost have the reception playlist aced. Jane and Marsheena and Sam are planning my girl's night and Nate is planning JRock's bachelor party. All in all I suspect the last 17 days will be a mess.

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