A Month and a half!!


I can't believe it's so close. It seems like 6 months ago I was still planning hard. Now, everything is planned and needs to be done. Yesterday, I had a mini panic moment.

See, I had send back the corset that I was supposed to wear under my dress today because it was WAY to big. And I need to get my dress altered still. *cringe* Maybe I'll have to get it fitted without it. I'm not sure.

I have yet to finalize the ceremony with our officiant. And that means my programs are still floating in needs to be done states.

We haven't gotten all the attendant's gifts.. which is hard because half our wedding guests are in it. Let alone wrapped... seriously.

Oh, and half our maids and men will be naked as they haven't gotten their attire yet. Yep.

So, I had a mini moment. (Oh yeah and I just took a pause to call my caterer [at least one section of our catering and got a very giggly high school girl].)

So, I am breathing, just worked out and listening to happy music. This is supposed to help.... right?

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