Weekend Recap... umm...

last weekend.

I really wanted to post this last week, but it was crazy here with kids streaming in to be advised for next semester and drop classes and then... we got flu shots and swine flu vaccines and basically, for the rest of the week... we felt like poo. So, here is last week's recap of the weekend before that!

We had a wonderful weekend. It was full of quirks and interesting moments that made me smile. I thought I would share a few of them.

Friday afternoon we went to the post office to mail off our beautiful invitations. We walked in and were standing patiently in line. And then, I heard it… Our song was playing in the background. It was like fate, providence, and affirmation all in one.

Saturday right before our shower… I heard our song again. (I also heard it at the dentist office which all this was odd considering our song is still popular, but not played as often on the radio anymore since it has passed rotation's sell by date.)

Otherwise, we had a blast seeing our friends and family.

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