Suit Hunting is OVER!

I loved the idea of going hunting for a suit for Jonathon. But I also knew that it was just one more thing (actually a few more) to add to my already overloaded to do list.

I assumed (and wrongly) that it would take weeks and several shopping excursions to find a suit. Really. I thought that. I've never bought a suit before and not for a wedding. So, I did a ton of research (thank you GQ.. seriously) and prepared myself to determine fit, form, function, and mostly beauty. I wanted to make sure we had a high quality suit that didn't cost an arm and leg. It also had to look nice, be altered to fit Jonathon perfectly, and it had to last him for not just our wedding but to work functions as well.

So, we go to a store in Jonathon's home town over the weekend that sells suits, knows him personally, and is a locally owned establishment. (We like to support our local resources as much as possible.) Let me say I was stunned. I stopped at a rack of black suits. Jonathon lagged behind at the UT apparel. I picked up a jacket that looked to be approximately the right size. He tried it on. The fit was a bit off in the shoulder. I handed him another.

I looked at him from behind, the sides, the front for about 20 minutes. I couldn't find a single flaw in the whole thing. I made him lift his arms, asked him if he was comfortable, etc. The jacket was PERFECT! Even the sales clerk/tailor was blown at how well it fit.

Then, he put on the pants that went with them. Uh-oh. Far too long! (I was thinking man we are going to have to order this suit, wait for it to come in, and then I'm going to have to take it to the tailor, let him hem them and take in the "break" so they aren't baggy, then find time to drive 2 hours back up here and pick it up.) BUT!! The man (tailor) says I can hem those up for you by Monday if you like.

Immediately my mind pauses: I don't have to order it? I don't have to take it someone else to be fixed? I don't have to do anything? Seriously?

Turns out they don't have to order they have enough stock to sell off the rack as it were, they have a tailor in store who fit the suit to perfection and altered for $20! And the suit? It cost less than renting for one day the tux we had looked at.

How does it look? Well, let's just say my man will look as good as I do on our wedding day in no ill fitting rented generic tux.

*PS. Yesterday, he tried the whole shabang on for me. He looked incredibly handsome (and so very much like himself!!) that I almost burst in happiness. He looked like the guy I have loved since we met... a goofy, UT Vols obsessed guy... who just happened to be in a swank suit.

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  1. That is so great! Glad they made it so easy for you. =)

    Our suit search has become quite a saga, I wish we had one that fit well like yours!


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