cloudy with a chance of wedding showers

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have to drive to TN tomorrow afternoon as soon as we get off work. Then my weekend looks like this.

Go to Tennessee
Get car insurance (long story about Honda and Farm Bureau not cooperating)
See our parents
Mail out our invitations

Makeup trial
Go order treats for our reception
Meet with our officiant to finalize the ceremony details.
Go to a shower my sister in law and Marsheena are throwing us
Pack up the car
Go look at bridesmaid dresses with Sheena and Sam (ie play with baby Sophie)
Possible make over at Sephora?
Go to the Young Alumni dinner at our college
Give everyone information they will need for the wedding at this point

Go see our friend Nate
Church and breakfast with Jonathon's grandma
See our parents

Monday (still in TN)
Get up early and go to the dentist for fillings (ouch)
Drive back to NC
Work a half day
Go home, watch OTH and collapse

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