Dressing Up My Man

This weekend is round one of the search for the perfect suit for Jonathon. I admit, I did NOT go look at dresses for myself per say. I went to a (single) bridal salon. It was not upscale. It was going out of business and we were looking for a good deal on bridesmaid dresses. (My sister in law did get her dress there.) I tried on 2 dresses, just for the novelty of it.

Why? I already had my dress ordered from Wai-Ching. The dress is lovely and perfect and the dress. But it made me even more glad that I had ordered my dress Chrissy.

But this weekend we go on a search for the perfect suit. We had decided on white tuxes, but then decided that we didn't want to make our groomsmen pay the $150 for the tux. So, we thought black tuxes. But to be honest.. I don't think either of us were sold on the whole tux debate.

So, we sat down with GQ magazine and decided that we wanted to get Jonathon a classic black tux. We wanted it to be tailored to fit his body perfectly, and we wanted it to be timeless.

The groomsmen? We decided that they could wear black slacks, a white shirt, black belt/shoes/socks combo and we would provide the ties. Simple, lovely, elegant, and comfortable.

Isn't that what matters? Especially, for the after party. We want to rock out then.

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  1. My fiance is going to wear an all black suit and buttoned shirt, but plans to get rid of both the jacket and the shirt the minute the ceremony is over. We'll probably get him a black T that says "Sold!" or something like that :) Would be fun on the dance floor.


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