I am a girl

I am a girl and there is nothing wrong with that.
I am and am not a feminist and there is nothing wrong with that.
I love women and men … equally.
And I will say that all the crap about I'm feminist and therefore I am more awesome than all you non-feminist crap… is well, crap.
Who cares?
If you want to stay at home and be a mom, love the color pink, love weddings (big frothy white a pink affairs or more unconventional types), love puppies and babies, and want to feel loved and protected by a man… GOOD.
If you want to be strong, and shun conventional, not change your name after your wedding, and never want kids… GOOD.

I will never tell someone the way they live their life is wrong, because it is not my life to live. I will never tell you to get or not get an abortion or take plan b or love your husband. I will never tell you that you should do this or that…. Because it is your life to live.

Who cares if you want to call yourself a feminist and go home and clean up after your husband (maybe he would just destroy the house) or cook for him (maybe he burns boiled water). It's not up to anyone to tell you that is wrong.

Who cares if you aren't perfect or normal or wonderful? You just need to be you.

That applies to your wedding, your life, your married life, your career, your kids, your whole world. Be who you are, but don't be dogmatic with other people or force yourself into doing something you hate because it's what is expected of you.

Let me tell you what the world expects: Be your beautiful, wonderful, happiest self. The end.

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  1. I most definetly adore this post. ::thumbs up:: as usual Amy! :o)


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