Bridezilla... or Cryzilla?

Planning a wedding is stressful, but I have had almost 22 months. It shouldn't be that bad... right?

Through out the last 21 months I have tried to stay calm... transcendent if you will. Nothing really bothered me. I would let small issues roll off my back.. it will fix itself I would think. And most of the time it did. I was laid back, calm, the complete opposite of a bridezilla.

But now with less than a month to go, I feel myself cracking under the strain. This week especially. I have felt like everything that could go wrong has and time is running out. What's went wrong? My dress needs a few tweaks and the undergarments I ordered 2 months ago and they shipped me the wrong size.. still don't have... so I was running out of time. It has to be to the seamstress... tomorrow. Half of the wedding party do not have thier dresses. The programs are behind because of the edits to the ceremony. I don't have the wedding music together. Etc. Etc.

Oh, and did I mention a rock slide is going to force ALL of my guests to detour... some of them hours to come to my wedding so I am freaked that they won't come. I'm also freaked that I will look hideous or something.

So, I have to admit... even I can be rattled by wedding planning. However, I sat down and made a list (not just wedding related) of things that could go wrong... and the (FUNNY and in no way serious) upside to them.

Worst That Can Happen
1. The venues burn down.
UPSIDE: We don’t have to pay for them.

2. The dress is too big in the boobs.
UPSIDE: I don’t have freakishly big juggs.

3. I’m on my period.
UPSIDE: I’m not preggers!!

4. My dress is ruined.
UPSIDE: I never have to wear it again.

5. No one shows
UPSIDE: We have hundreds and party with J2, Jane, Marsheena, Bruce, and Kristen

6. The flowers are wrong.
UPSIDE: They’re real.

7. My hair looks like poo.
UPSIDE: I’m getting it cut!!!!

8. We lose everything in a fire.
UPSIDE: We have less stuff to move when we move.

9. The Holga gets stolen.
UPSIDE: It was $30.

10. We go broke.
UPSIDE: Bankruptcy clears all our debt. (I'm not promoting this.. it was just to make me laugh.)

11. I look horrible.
UPSIDE: JRock can’t back out!!

12. I don’t get the programs done.
UPSIDE: I don’t have to pay for them!!

13. We’re late.
UPSIDE: They’ll wait.

15. Nikki gives birth. (Our photographer. Which fyi I'm really not worried about.. I'm just trying to think of the worst things.)
UPSIDE: We have a cool story.

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