One of the things that I have really gotten into with the wedding planning has been ... photography. I have looked at blogs, magazines (including fashion) etc to make sure that I know what I want for my wedding photography.

I also researched photographers for 6 months before deciding to go with Nikki Sanders. I loved her high fashion edge and she took some stunning pictures of this one groom that tipped me over the edge. She was in my price range (one of 3 that I looked at that was), she had the photographic style I liked... oh and she's awesome. We emailed almost daily, talked and I decided.. yes. Yes, I wanted to have Nikki share our wedding with us.

But I loved the Holga images I kept seeing on Tara's website (Tara from Dixie Pixel) and I really wanted some of that as well. So I bought a 120N Holga and I was thrilled until I realized how expensive film was and developing said film would be (the camera was not expensive). So, I sent back the 120 and I am going to purchase a different 35mm version later (I will surprise you with that soon.). I've done so much research and I love the look of the film. So I can't wait to purchase my new one soon.

Also, I'm still in tatters about having 3 photographers. Well, theoretically I will have 4. We will have Nikki and her 2 assistants and Kristen following us around with lo-fi disposable cameras and the Holga.

Obviously, this is important to me. I'm really getting excited that our wedding is about a month away. It's a month and 6 days to be exact.

Want to see pictures... try searching holga wedding in google images. Or you can always go to Tara's website and check out the Holga goodness.

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