Grooms are rockin’ too!

I love my honey! And I bet you love yours too or you wouldn't be marrying him. Seriously.

So, why in all the hoopla of wedding planning do most brides neglect their honeys and focus on their dress, their hair, their accessories and shoes and underwear…

And then go straight into planning what the girls will wear.. Which dress on which girl? Matching dresses? Mismatched? What color? What shoes? What hair, makeup, jewelry?

But when it comes to that lovable duffer sitting on the couch beside you, nothing. Until right before the wedding when you drag them all into a tux shop and then randomly point at one, they get measured and done.

I HATE this. I am the kind of girl that wants my man to look just as hot as I do. I read GQ, help him pick out posh hair cuts and new styles. (I keep trying to get him into super slim suit pants to no effect.) And he wants to look good. I groom him almost as much as I do myself and sometime more so.

So, I have been putting thought into his outfit and the guys. I want them to look good too. Seriously.

I have been contemplating since the day we started thinking about a wedding what color he would wear, how he should wear his hair, boutonnieres or not (a definite not), cufflinks, suspenders or no? (no), a fedora (maybe?) what shoes, what tie, what undies and socks for my man.

Because I WILL look gorgeous on my wedding day… but so will he.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for your comment at the Jewel Box Home. It's so nice to know someone else out there also loves naps!

    And I think your wedding hair style looks darling! I'm looking forward to following your count down to the big day!




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