Why is your dress orange?

I took my dress back home to TN with me for the shower. I tried it on for the first time. I love the dress. However, while most people in my family like my dress and think it is beautiful, I could also see the look on their faces for a brief moment. The look said:

"Why is your dress orange?"

My dress is partially orange. It has a beautiful orange silk trim, 2 gorgeous orange ties in the back and orange and a champagne-y grape light color stitching.

My dress is a one of a kind, COUTURE, completely hand made silk (Panderetta) number designed by Chrissy Wai-Ching.

So, I thought I might mention why my dress is orange.

My dress is orange because… the color orange makes me feel alive.
Not because orange is one of our wedding colors. (That's just convenient.)
My dress is orange because… orange is beautiful, vibrant and happy.
Not because Jonathon is a Vols fan.
My dress is orange because… orange is my favorite color.
Not because I am bucking the system.
My dress is orange because… I wanted to wear orange.

I love my dress because it is unique and fun and sassy and couture and delicious. I know I don't look like the frothy white garbed bridal diva in my dress. BUT I feel like a bridal diva in my dress. I feel like the most gorgeous creature to walk on the earth in this dress. I feel sexy, sassy, slim, and mostly lovely.

My dress is orange. But man, I look good in it.

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  1. Well said girl! Love your dress because it makes you feel like a bride/awesome. People are silly and often wrong! (Well not me of course!) P.S. It sounds amazing!


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