DIY Projects Galore

There are still many DIY projects that we are working on. We have done quite a few already (Save the Dates, RSVPS and other components of our invitation suite, etc), but like any bride I am still work on quite a few of them.
  1. the cards I am doing instead of a bouquet toss for the single ladies
  2. place settings (calligraphy cards and pockets)
  3. wreaths (2 evergreen with elegant bows, 2 golden christmas wreaths)
  4. bridesmaids carrying books
  5. makeup
  6. photobooth
  7. packets (material and ribbon) for our exit toss
  8. the jars/vases for candles outside the venue
  9. cards to help people understand the formal photography after the ceremony
  10. calligraphy signs for everything
  11. pew decorations
  12. programs
  13. thank you cards
  14. second reception invitations
  15. food (not all of it just desserts)
  16. seating chart poster
  17. pedicure (mom got me a certificate for the mani)
  18. decorating the chapel and dining room
  19. flowers (just for the centerpieces)

I really am drowning in projects. We have dropped quite a few projects from our radar (the digital scrapbook as the guestbook for example) because of lack of time. It seems like these will be doable. I can probably wrap up the signs, cards, and place settings in the next few weekends. Then, the books and wreaths will come next with the aid of my mother. The pew decor will be easy. So.... we will see if they all get done or we have an f*** it moment closer to time.

3 months tomorrow!!

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