We went to TN this weekend for a shower that my mom and matron of honor threw for us. We had a blast on Saturday, but ended up so worn out from it we fell asleep for most of the second half of the Vols game. (They lost anyway... sad day.)

We ended up getting lots of really nice presents. Some of our favorites: a tall, rolling, rubbermaid laundry hamper, a vintage book from my old grammar school, gorgeous dishes, and turquoise Paula Dean pots and pans! Love.

My mother asked everyone to bring their favorite book as well for us to have. We got some interesting titles. It will be fun to read them. I really loved the Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen cookbook and Sophie's World.

Although the sweetest and most heart felt present was from my aunt Charlotte (who is the front office secretary at my old elementary school) who managed to rescue some books from the old school (they remodeled when I was in 4th grade) and gave us one of those! It's a lovely children's book called Peppermint Lane and I can't wait to share it with our kids someday!!

Our favorite part was seeing old friends (my best friend from high school and my best friend from college both came!) and family (my dad came!). We talked and laughed the afternoon away.
*image from author's private collection, taken by Ricky Moore.

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