Petit Trianon


When we first moved to our small town in North Carolina, we were certified city kids who resented the lack of Taco Bell, Target (until last month there wasn’t even a Wal-Mart that was less than 45 minutes away let alone Target!), malls, or well anything. We did appreciate the mountains and the lakes (I’d say the book Cold Mountain was set close to here.)  though and loved the scenery.

Our first year here was somewhat boring and lazy. We tried local restaurants (and fell in love with them and eat there often, our reception menu was based and is being catered by one of them), went to a few of the local mom and pop shops (there are 3 awesome book stores – 2 of them have vintage books), and watched a lot of baseball.

And we learnt to cook… and fast or we would have starved. So, I have been trying new recipes since we moved here and crafts and things. My grandmother loves it. I believe my new found self reliance, cook ability, yearning to make preserves this summer and all around kitchen skills makes me her favorite granddaughter. Or at least the one she is most proud of.. I may be biased. 

Anyway, this morning is one morning where I love our own little Petit Trianon. I feel like Marie Antoinette at her country chateau. This morning I made scrumptious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, coffee with pumpkin creamer, and I put chili in the crock pot to slow cook all day for supper.

Yesterday I made pumpkin cheesecake. I think I know why we have gained 10 pounds since we moved here. But it’s heaven watching the rain fall in heavy sheets while the fog rolls down off higher cliffs on the mountain and Jonathon snores away in bed. Yes, I have found my own little happy place. My Petit Trianon in North Carolina.

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