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This was supposed to be my last week of work. However, I am fortunate that another department has asked me to stay on and help them part time until July 1. I’m happy about this. It gives me more time to find another job and I’m not unemployed yet. However, I have been helping so many people with so much stuff that I haven’t had much time for anything. Plus, this is the 2 weeks where Jonathon and I are on campus until 7 pm every night. So, yeah.

On that thought. I also have been slacking in the wedding department. I have been preoccupied to say the least and so much is done that the only thing left are the small details. I  know. Slacking.

However, I have found a nifty feature on my Windows Live Writer. I can write a post when I have time and it will publish it on a set date. This handy feature I plan to put to use sometime soon.

Also, one of my bridesmaid is days if not hours from having her baby. Another one is about to graduate from college. So, we are preparing to go to her graduation. Then, there’s my life is general. It’s so crazy.

Forgive my lack of posts. I am trying to be a better blogger. (Did I mention I am writing a book?)

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