I’ve got a secret…

Shh. Come closer and I’ll tell you.

*looks around* I’ve been practicing calligraphy for my invitations.

Yes, me I have been. Me with the horrible chicken scratch writing. People have told me I’d make a great doctor based on my handwriting. So why am I practicing calligraphy? See, it started one night while I was laying awake listening to my boy sawing down an entire rainforest. I often find myself thinking about how to do wedding things different, cheaper, better, still look expensive. This was after I had received my lovely invitations from Peculiar Pair Press and I knew that a label would be a disaster on those stunning envelopes. So, I was pondering how to get the calligraphy part without paying the price.

And it hit me! Okay it was actually Jonathon’s arm sailing into my face at warp speed, but I really did have a great idea. I could pawn it off on my family. I loved this idea for many days. But then again, laying awake listening to the melodious rapture of buzz saws that this probably wouldn’t work considering my family is 2 hours away and the times I am with my family we are always doing stuff. And it hit me (again, yes it was Jonathon’s leg this time… he is a tough person to sleep with) that I should do it.

I thought about much I suck at handwriting, but over many more forests died and limbs flew I thought I would pick a script that I really liked and thought over time I could at least start to make look similar. I chose the freebooter script. (It’s also the script in my header.)

I started practicing with a regular pen. It wasn’t hard really. Jonathon was surprised that I made it so similar. I finally found an orange calligraphy marker tip pen. I bought 3. (They were $2 each!) I got them yesterday and I started practicing. I love it. I don’t think I could ever do and charge, but I would encourage other brides to try it.

I’ll show you a sample after I print out my first invitation.

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  1. Yep, I'm from Georgia! Cheers to Southern Brides! Be sure to come over today and sign up for the free give-a-way I'm hosting!


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