8 Things

I wanted to mention 8 things that I love and life would suck without. I know it’s completely off topic, and not even about weddings. However, life is not all about weddings.

  1. Jonathon, my family and friends. Enough said.
  2. Sephora and by sephora I mean makeup. For me, makeup is art therapy on my face.
  3. magazines, anything from Elle Decor to Self to domino (sad face) to GQ (yes GQ in theory I get in for Jonathon… but I’m the one that reads it.)
  4. Books. (I read at least a chapter in a book every day… Jonathon and I read together in bed before we go to sleep.)
  5. America’s next Top Model, Chuck, One Tree Hill, Tudors – the only TV I watch all week.
  6. the color orange
  7. Aussi Moist Shampoo. It is the only thing that tames the beast on my head.
  8. My to do lists… I make them for everything. I checked one off today already. I have one for work, for home, for the wedding. I like to make to do lists.

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