Saturday mornings

I love Saturday mornings. Normally, they are slow and easy. I get to lay in bed and wake up cuddling in Jonathon’s warm arms. It’s so wonderful and comfortable and heavenly. Saturday mornings start with cuddling and forehead kisses. Sweet forehead kisses and sweet kisses melting into warm and sunshine and happiness. I can’t even explain how wonderful it feels in that moment wrapped up with him. It’s one of the times of the day that Jonathon is completely with me and not off thinking about buyback,  baseball, or books.

Wedding blogs are great for inspiration. I don’t down them. I have many of them in my Google reader. But they don’t tell you much about marriage. About after the wedding.  I once worried about what I would do after the wedding, but as wedding planning has slowed. I know what I will do after the wedding.

I will wake up slowly with my husband on Saturday mornings. I will live my life. I will not fill it up with meaninglessness. I will take pleasure in the warmth of his arms and the sweetness of his kisses. I will write the book I am working on. I will go get my MA and Ph.D. And I will think back on what a beautiful day our wedding was and our wonderful marriage .

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