Cultural Traditions


Wedding traditions are completely cultural. In America, white dresses are completely common. However, in India the most common color is red. There are many differences (as I bet we all already know) between wedding traditions. Most traditions regarding attire are based on what makes the bride feel beautiful and happy in that culture.

In college, I spent a summer in India. I fell in love with the amazing culture, the people, the religion, and the customs. I got henna when I was in Mumbai. I loved the way it looked on me. The sienna color on my skin is stunning.

n513660807_6179_3715 n513660807_6178_3418 It was one thing that I knew I would want at my own wedding. I knew I would want henna. Jonathon wasn’t sold. He is a traditionalist (and a democrat which is odd I know) and he didn’t want me too. However, when he saw how important it was to me he relented. I’m glad because henna does make me feel beautiful. Although, the condition is I must wear gloves at the ceremony.

It’s also traditional to have the groom’s name hidden in the design. Then, he tries to find it. I think I want to incorporate this into our first time seeing each other pictures. I think I’ll be behind the door of the chapel and I’ll stick my hand out for him to find his name and when he does, I’ll let him pull me out from behind the door.  Cute? Mais non?

*Top image from Style Me Pretty. The middle images are my own.

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