May’s To Do List

May Design RSVP
May Plan Vow Renewal Ceremony
May Reserve New Zion for VR
May Get paper for Vow Renewal invitations
May Get paper for programs invitations
May Decide how to deal with the videography problem
May Talk to all re: help (Sandy, Missy, Allison)
May Work on vows
May Finish guestbook
May Make rehearsal invites
May Make VR Invitations
May Print RSVP
May Work on wedding playlists
May Finish program design
May Make a list of assignments for all attendants
May Update guest list spreadsheet as needed
May Give shower list to hostesses
May Make a list of must have shots
May Make a photo dossier for Nikki (people, places)
May Get disposable cameras for VR
May Make a list of people to do certain things

1 comment:

  1. oh wow, looks like May is going to be super busy for you!


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